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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I love spring......
longer days
more sunshine
new life
and starting my garden......

This winter was rough. It was cold and gray, as usual, but I allowed it to envelope me with sadness and hopelessness. I hate even admitting it. But, it happened. Christmas was always one of my favorite times of the year, but this year, the selfish consumerism that I saw this time was too much. I wanted to go to sleep and not wake until after the holidays. And I hate that.

What made me pull up my big girl pants and weather on through it, was my kid. He was happy. He was so excited. He loved everything about Christmas and that was the only beautiful part of it. He was my little anchor.

On to spring. The wind is starting to lay off a bit and I've started some seeds in my gallon milk jug greenhouses - trying something new.... I got the raised beds cleaned out and splurged on a hand tiller and am just chomping at the bit to get everything planted. This time of year definitely tests my

But! There is hope! The clouds have lifted....I have much to be thankful for and little to be sad about. I have such a good husband and he was so good to me through the season. I have such a cool little boy who is actually really, really funny and can always make me laugh and pushes me to see the positive in people and situations.

So, all that rambling and I just wanted to say how excited I am to get this spring and garden thing going!  More pics to come!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Love Bike People!!
I am missing my bike today. I love snow and cuddling down at home, but, this has been a long stretch without riding. I started out the season good and was able to keep riding. Then, had to have a small surgery that left me grounded for 6 weeks, per the doctor... :(
At least it happened in the winter. :)
So, what I am thankful for, is that I have my bike waiting for me, for not very long away.... When I decided that it was time for me to stop being lazy with my health and start being proactive, I made changes. I had a very hard time with my energy level after having Khyber at 40 years old. Yep, 40.  got started a tad late in life. It's ok though, it was really perfect timing. Well, a couple of years ago, my very best friend in the world from college, Sherri, bugged and bugged and bugged me about a product she had been using and feeling like a million bucks. She had even started cycling class and was losing weight and getting in shape.
So I caved.
I started using Plexus products in July of 2014. What a great tool. I started sleeping better, I started feeling a lot more energy throughout the day, and I started riding my bike!! I always felt completely defeated when I would go out to ride and poop out and feel like a slug. So, when that changed and I could ride again, I was over the moon. I lost 22 pounds and have continued to get more and more in shape. My moods are better  thank you endorphins! My appetite is so much better, craving water, less sugar and more whole foods. So great.
Anyway, back to the bike thing. I also love bike people! They are the most down to earth, supportive, real people I have ever had the pleasure to be around. When you run into other mountain bikers on the trails, you meet people who are considerate and supportive and encouraging. Nothing like it. If you break down, more than likely, they will stop and make sure you don't need something. If you are struggling, they will shout words of encouragement or offer some advice. It's pretty cool. Miss this camaraderie when I'm grounded. :)
But watch out! Spring is coming and I will be ready to ride soon! Hope to see you on the trail!
Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter...... well, I am counting down the weeks to spring. :) I've been out of the loop for  few weeks, and am ready to get back on it! I miss my bike! I am trying to enjoy each day for what it is. Trying to simplify my thinking and not dwell on wishing for the future. I'll miss what's going on now! My kiddo is growing and changing every day and I don't want to look back and wish then, that I had slowed down and enjoyed the crap out of him. I have an amazing best friend in my husband and so, does it matter what season it is? I'm hanging out with the best guy in the world!

Anyway, as a bit of a carrot.....I got my garden seeds in the mail and am plotting out my planting strategy for my garden this spring. I love my garden. I am not a natural green thumb, but I am learning - it's therapy for me. I am happy when I am hanging out in my garden. More on that later... :)

Happy winter people! Hang in there - it will be warm soon!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Are you ready? It's here!! A new start - time to take a good look at the things in our lives we want to change, make better, do differently.

Maybe this year, if each of us chose to make one solid positive change, the world would become a little bit of a better place to live.... or what if each day, we looked for one opportunity to do something nice for someone else, stranger or friend...even anonymously....what do you think that would do?

I don't know. We always think of the things that will make our lives more organized, healthier, happier - maybe also add something outside of ourselves and see what happens. I tend to think that the reward of enriching another's life would be enough to keep us going throughout the year...

Don't get me wrong...I have some lofty goals to de-clutter (much needed), simplify, and reach a new level of fitness with my mountain biking...but to serve others and look outside myself will be more beneficial to me and my circle of influence....  I would love to have you leave comments of ideas we could try to help others, or things you have done or been the recipient of. So...

                                                             HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year coming up.... During all the craziness of trying to keep up with school parties, work cookie exchanges, trying to make sure I bought all the ingredients I was going to need for Christmas day dinner and goodies....we went out riding the weekend before Christmas. Now, of course, my first instinct was, what? I can't budget that into the limited time left to make sure I have absolutely every little detail organized, as being driven by my relentless OCD right now. was beautiful. It was quiet. It was peaceful. It was just what I needed.

This season has been really sad and dark and frustrating for me. Not gonna dwell on's just that the ride was a place of solace for me in all the chaos that was mostly in my mind. When you confide in someone about sadness, depression or anxiety...meaning well, they usually immediately suggest medication. I know that it is necessary sometimes, but, if you can boost your endorphins naturally, why wouldn't you? Because it's harder. It takes effort. But, the outcome and benefits far outweigh the extra work it takes. Natural therapy.

So, put your arm and leg warmers or tights on, some ear warmers and head out... it is something you will not regret....

Monday, December 7, 2015

I've been out of it for a while now. I hate how I feel during the holidays and when I shop at Walmart. :) It's a humanity thing......
Anyway, in all seriousness, I am in need of a fresh start. A clean slate in my mind. I have been in a serious funk.
My husband and I have been talking about how chaotic the world has become - crazy consumer debt, terrorism, high stress in everyone's lives, the powers that be keeping society divided against itself - angry and fighting about everything, everyone feeling entitled to whatever they want and not wanting to be productive members of society, and it goes on and on.....
I have found myself wanting to just retreat, hide from everything, and become more and more of a recluse.....the option is being very, very angry and lashing out at people in public. In turn, I have been becoming more and more depressed.
So, being completely transparent, I need to refocus. I know God wants better for me and my family. I have let myself become so distracted and disillusioned with all that is going on around me and in my head, that I have wandered far and taken no responsibility for my own journey. I love this quote in the picture above. I can complain and be sad and remorseful about how the world is right now, or I can start making a change.
I have a huge responsibility to my little boy, to be an example on how to live, cope and relate to others and the world around me. I have to show him how to love as God loves us, how to take care of this world He has entrusted us with, how to be a productive member of society and how to live his conscience and values.
And this is Christmas. Maybe not the exact date, but the season chosen to take time to stop and think about the fact that God came to us, as a man like us. I owe Him nothing less than my whole mind and life and heart. It just takes faith. But faith takes action. I am responsible for that.
I want to be good to people, give when I see a need, follow God's prompting, spread peace, take care of this earth and this body He gave me, be the best friend my husband deserves and raise my child without regrets.
so, let's see how this plays out. It has to start today.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Motivation

This kid..... So, I started late. Well, actually God had it planned out perfectly all along. I had decided that God had led me into the field I am in to help fill the void in my life of not being married and having a kiddo of my own. I work on the OB floor at my hospital and specialized in the NICU. Best job ever! Or so I thought......I was wrong, because being a mom is by far the best thing I have ever done - hands down.

I was 37 when I married a most amazing man, who didn't let me run him off... :) I was also blessed to get two very cool, full-of-life, talented and smart stepsons in the deal. Definitely had a full life then... but there was still a missing piece. But, that's okay. There's a reason for everything and I could accept that. So, when I did, I got a surprise - best surprise of my life.

So, here came Khyber. I have never loved anyone so much in my life. What a trip. He keeps me going all the time - he challenges me to be a better person because I know kids learn by watching us, He is my inspiration to stay healthy and do more and try more things. Because, I don't want him to be afraid to try new things, or be intimidated by the unknown, or let his fears dictate his decisions. I want him to remember his mom as the one who took some chances, wasn't afraid to say sorry or admit her mistakes and was always pushing him to be and do his best and love who he was.

These are big things. I don't want to fail because I just didn't try. Sure, I'm tired sometimes and I get overwhelmed, but the rewards are over the top! This kid has made my life so full, and fun and blessed and I am enjoying every day with him....